Teenagers free to a good home ?

I purchased this for my husband for a laugh last year – little did I know it’s becoming real.  I dearly love my kids but they bloody test my patience.  12 and 13 knocking lumps out of each other – this is the result of taking them to self-defence classes!  Still glad they went through.  On the subject of food, I’ve been lacking in motivation with work and life in general.  I make an effort to cook and get a grunt it’s too healthy – it’s ok but she dances 5 nights a week and burns endless calories (come back in 20 years so I can say TOLD YOU SO)! Why has one child become so fussy. The 13 year old is constantly hungry then full when it comes to dinner – this is lethal and the mummy picker takes over, I must stop but hate seeing waste.

We’re away for Christmas and was hoping my fat reversal journey was hitting the half way mark, it’s more like 30% on its way – I’ve learned to accept the rough with the smooth and will succeed – just so many events and parties I’m trying so hard and driving to most of them – all I want for Christmas is a sack of willpower….  I’m not complaining and get used to the fat shadow, it’s getting very very slowly smaller but at least I’m a lot healthier.

My Psoriasis blog is going global – translated to 12 languages and exciting to showcase my overview on the Pso Happy website…..

Just a quick update, mad time and got a holiday to get ready for – seasons love from FattyVonVon ?

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