Rest, Relaxation and 4 Teenagers!!!!

Yes I must be bloody mad, it was my youngest 12th birthday and thought we’d go camping as a family and let my 12 and 13 year old take a friend each – has disaster written all over it, but…..

It was great, probably due to the fact we sacked the camping as the weather was predicted bad…. how hard is it to find something for 6 of us…. I came across and so glad we did.  I found a perfect little gem at a good old northern English seaside town Cleveleys and certainly didn’t disappoint.  Perfectly as described, great price and real show stopper for the kids.  So how to eat healthily with all that temptation….

Took the kids shopping and filled the trolley with every treat you couldn’t find, this isn’t going good.  We compromised on food with lots of healthy goodies too…  Pizza for kids and steak for the parents, it all started well 

then….. the owner kindly left a fabulous welcome hamper which included a bottle of champagne, how rude would I be not to partake 

Mr C enjoyed the steak, I never got to eat it as was too busy drinking the fizz and sampling the hot tub… 

No excessive calories were harmed during the making of this shot….

Anyway, weekend went extremely well, apart from 2 bottles of fizz, I cooked healthy breakfasts and kept treats to the minimum which helped…..

So, weekend away, 4 hormonal teenagers = very good VonVon overall – AirBnB made it much easier to keep on track

Happy holidays folks ?

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