Monday comes around too quickly and yes being 100% good after treat Sunday…. (how many more using this cliche)!!

You know what I’ve not had a drink for over a week, not that I’ve got a problem but it was too easy to open and bottle of sonething sparkly and before you know it’s gone and dinners not ready.  I stopped that sometime ago and blame that for getting fat – lesser of 2 evils fat v a drunk….

Up at 5.30am to start the day, it was bloody tough today as didn’t get go bed until 1am, need to get back up mediating more… left Mr C to get 2’tired and grumpy kids to holiday club whilst I work from home.  Took an early lunch as started at 7am and tried a morning session and so glad it’s done.  Feeling more energised and had a fantastic post workout brunch

Rindless bacon and mushrooms cooked dry with a dollop of crushed avocado as a base for my poached eggs, bloody delicious.  I’d fallen out of love with acacado and started to make me heave but this combination worked.  Perfectly cooked eggs in my ceramic fabulous shallow casserole dish 

Back to work and planning done for dinner – fitnotfat fitnotfat mantra….

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