Little black Dress (well still big but smaller)

"Black makes you look thin!"
“Black makes you look thin!”

It’s that time of year again creeping up…. same tantrums, panic shopping and fear of rejection from the dressing room shouting “do one fatty”. If they had secret cameras it would make compulsive viewing – think goggle box but dressing room one, could be on to a winner here…We’ve all been there but surely how many versions of little black dress shopping expeditions can cause such anxiety…. oh but they do, too tight on my fat gut, am I in the pregnancy section, stretched across my man back, no sleeves to hide my shotputter scabby arms, long enough to cover kankles, I could go on forever, you recognise this yet?

I’m determined this year it will be different, Thursdays the first of many but hopefully sorted and realised I can’t drop 8 dress sizes if drink lemon and hot water for 4 days which only lasts until lunch then eat crap for the rest of the day to make up for starving the rest of the day, dare I go on…

I’ve got a healthy plan in my new book of tricks and it’s all good. Half term with the kids been a challenge, had a few slips but still resisted crisps (they’re my gateway to doom) I’ve resisted for around 7 weeks and feel very proud of this one small change… not been able to go to circuit as glass back rears its ugly head and just doing normal chores in agony at night – roll on Tuesday hopefully sort it out or give me the confidence to continue and adapt whilst whatever it is heals….

Insulin Reset Plan at Seven Movement Nutrition is a seven day plan, free to download and most fabulous – I’m converted…. It’s hard but I smashed it last time and felt great. Going to kickstart it again this week, like training my brain as too easy to slip back. I’ve had a massive clearout last year holding onto dresses only surgery would let me fit into in one week… I kept a few statement pieces I’ve never worn whilst on this rollercoaster for last 3 years of getting fatter.. good news one of them fastens (shock horror) and don’t have to brave the dread of little black dress shopping, it’s on hold…

It’s a wee bit snug but sure by Thursday filled up on lots of healthy food I’ll feel wonderful. Bonus I’ve got minimal psoriasis so happy to have the shotputter arms out (embrace it) and have a fabulous night celebrating being me…

Happy Sunday folks I’ve got a day of preparation, planning and productivity ahead – not waiting for Monday, small steps and happy ?

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