Fit not FAT – 28 Day Bootcamp… Long journey but need to start somewhere ??

Where do I start, everything’s going wrong, I’ve exhausted the A-Z of diets, boot camps, gym, classes and exercise and guess what never stuck at them so thought stuff it I’ll make myself believe it’s ok. The Blackpool magic mirror did its trick, found fat clothes which flattered and exhausted the widow look, purchases lots of  varying forms of fat uniform (black).  Oh, and by the way the knickers got bigger.  My wedding and engagement rings were lost as too fat to wear them but I’m happy or am I…

I suffer from horrendous psoriasis which flares up every spring but the last breakout was horrendous, this fattyvonvon felt like shit but got it under control with meditation, learning different coping mechanisms and kept that smile in place but that’s another story… 

Mum to 11 year old girl and 12 year old son I wanted to be a good role model and they knew how unhappy I was. It wasn’t that we ate loads of rubbish, the total opposite too much good food which means fattening. I’ve always been particular with the kids food and exercise encouraging them to have lots of hobbies and active lifestyles.  Mr C a keen cyclist could see my frustrations as frightened to get back on bike after breaking my arm (not on the bike but a girls night out, there’s lots of these stories).

Encouraging the kids to learn about nutrition but lying to myself and eating shit on top of meals, lapsed cooking and started at the end becoming takeaway queen.  What had happened to me, I’ve turned into a slob but stil seemed to be so busy.  It became a competition to fill my face ready for the next Monday start date, there have been lots of Monday’s…

2 lovely colleagues started documenting their journey at a new gym with Kate the nutritionist. I continued to convince the following Monday I’d start, who was I fooling. Gemma @gembatch_nutrition posted a link to yummy mummy bootcamp for an amazing price of £50 for 28 days to include fitness classes and nutrition support.  I dithered and dithered as thought it would be full of body beautifuls who’d laugh me out of the place.

Well I thought bloody hell let’s go encouraged by my lovely friend Joanne. We booked and jumped into the unknown. The journey begins….
It started with an overview class, weigh in when I mearly cried I was the fattest I’ve ever been and put on almost 4 1/2 stone which I’d lost 6 years earlier…. the first class I nearly didn’t make as couldn’t make the 3 flights access, ffs was this a joke. Met the lovely Kate nutritionist and thought she’ll have a right laugh at this fat pig but couldn’t have been more wrong. My face after first class was like a beetroot, walking like John Wayne and thought never again whilst smiling my fat face to the max and crying inside
Encouraged by lovely colleagues Nat @nats_fatlossjourney and Gemma who had been doing the classes, supported by my ol mate Joanne we went for it… I didn’t do the 2 week weigh in as thought if not lost 2 stone I ain’t having it. I went back again and again, paying lots and lots of trips to the loo as pelvic floor is bobbins and though never do this and then……
Did 4 weeks with as many classes as I could fit in, met some brilliantly encouraging men and women having my fat ass exposed whilst doing the plank but saving my dignity with big knickers under my skin Lycra bursting at the seams – I’ll leave you with that thought.
There was a prize as part of yummy mummy bootcamp, £400 makeover with around 50 taking part, whom was I kidding I’d burn and crash after the initial adrenalin subsided, there was a pattern forming and then…
I only bloody finished it, had plenty of laughs whilst being supported by amazing encouraging people who I can’t thank enough. The lovely Kate at Seven Nutrition worked tirelessly answering all our queries posted perfected from apps galore. Dave the coach encouraged and NEVER lost his encouragement helping me push through the circuit classes…
28 days in I was knocking on the door with the lovely Patrice for weigh in, I can honestly say had not drank a drop of alcochol, worked away with amazing food and took my own or had meals prepared for me by events in advance being honest I was  trying to improve my health, they couldn’t do enough to help. I was amazed at my results, just under 17 pounds so that’s my light on the fridge, 5.3 inches lost and to top it off I only went and bloody won the prize.
It’s been a tough time with bad news received re family and could have easily made an excuse to go back but I didn’t. I in fact set up this blog, started documenting my journey and continued classes with the fabulous Seven Movement – this needs to be a change for me, my psoriasis and health and it’s feels brilliant. If I can do it anyone can, to be continued…

2 thoughts on “Fit not FAT – 28 Day Bootcamp… Long journey but need to start somewhere ??

  • October 23, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Well done Yvonne your doing amazing and very brave to be so honest xxx

    • October 25, 2016 at 8:49 pm

      Thanks Emma q for the feedback, like therapy ??


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