Exercise – like riding a bike!!

Exercise – it’s like riding a bike with scuffs on your knees, you’ve just got to get on with it….. I’ve had to move gym due to work and family commitments.  Came across this little gem http://www.j7healthcentre.co.uk    as owner is family friend.  Love supporting new enterprises and especially when they genuinely care about their community.  Visited on the  open day and a lady in her latter years was telling me how she loves exercise and Javeno is tough but cares about getting people moving, this sold it to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve now been on the end of this and he’s had me wearing a 2 1/2 stone jacket whilst sat on a hike, hauling him round the car park sweating buckets.  Taking my fat ass to classes can be hard when you’ve had a 12 hour day at work but nice to escape 2 teenagers and get some free banter whilst getting fit, what more do you want….  Love this testimonial, says it all!!

My backs been misbehaving but hopefully now on the  mend.  I went back tonight to boxercircuit and feel so much better – the sweats pouring  from me so must be doing something worthwhile….  excuse the photo this is half an hour later…..

I’ve signed up to Diamond membership which gives you unlimited classes, gym and 2 PT sessions.  I’ve had 2 weeks out as my glass back been playing up but been to trusted sports therapist and can at last sleep which is a bonus….  the first PT nearly killed me and couldn’t walk for days or sit on the loo, got a few funny looks at work but continued on and can walk after one (just)….

The kids attended a self-defence class which was brilliant, makes a change from knocking lumps out of each other….

If I can do it, anyone can, just believe.  I hate being unfit and won’t ever be an Olympic athlete but any movement is better than none.  Having someone like Javeno and team is fabulous, banter is flowing, people are encouraging and the classes are varied for all fitness levels….

Yes I know exercise is only good when you’re eating well, this has slipped but the Von’s back on it.  Prep, planning and motivation is they key to a healthier FattyVonVon, to be continued…..

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