Big girls don’t cry – sometimes they do #Psoriasis

So…. I’m normally very resilient when it comes to living with psoriasis but…. sometimes something triggers hidden feelings which stir up bad memories.  Exciting times ahead, I’d completed a survey at

I’d encourage anyone with psoriasis to complete the survey, it doesn’t take long.  I’d received an email to ask if I’d be interested in becomming an ambassador for promoting my story, nothing to lose.  I had an initial meeting with 2 lovely ladies from this organisation where I opened my heart and was very honest about my journey.

I talked about my earliest memories of having very little hair whilst being treated with the stinky smell of coal tar and wrapped in bandages.  I spent summers and winters wearing a green costume with frills on the bum.

This was taken in Moss Side, Manchester.  I looked like my brothers and a boy ?

I’ve since had a further meeting with their media which triggered some emotions I thought I’d dealt with.  Felt really stupid crying on the video conference but they were brilliant.  Just goes to show you talking is good.

Cant wait to share the next steps as so excited to become an ambassador for this brilliant project – any of my wonderful friends and social media friend please take a minute to complete….

I’ll finish my tale when I know some more.  Very

Love to all my scaly friends FattyVonVon ?


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