Absence makes the heart grow fonder….

Hello peeps, know you shouldn’t leave a blog for so long but it’s been a rocky few months, quick snapshot of the continuing madness…..

– supporting my husband on the sudden loss of his mum to the big C, amazing lady who adored her kids and grandkids… she gave her life to NHS as midwife then special care sister for premature babies but sadly a very quick battle with #cancer was too strong for her….

– my fabulous dad age 64 lost his courageous battle in January against the big C, 58 rounds of chemo he fought and fought but he lost the battle, but…. he’s gone to a better place and left a huge gap but we’re all smiling now remembering the good times and keeping his memory alive with the kids….

– started a new job, in all the madness my journeys taken me on a new path. Leaving a job of 17 years was difficult but needed to challenge myself and don’t regret it one bit.  I’ve made some lifelong friends from my old job and made some amazing memories but it was time to move on…..

– Psoriasis, I was dreading this after dad but you know what it’s ok (touch wood).  I’ll post separate but thanking each day it’s the best it’s been.

– Champagne, still love it but haven’t been drinking much, mixture of fear of not stopping with all the madness ? when I do have a tipple I certainly try but it’s few and far between.  Now my social wings are feeling much better sure that’ll change ??

– Exercise and Food – this journey continues, its felt like a yoyo at times and I’m not where I thought I’d be but still trying and so the journey continues…. hope to make lots of new connections, continue the healthy body, healthy mind journey….

– Kids, they’ll be the death of me, funny creatures now hitting teens but generally good kids with the funniest sense of humour who still turn their nose at lots of greens (well one of them)…..

I bloody T – know some will say user error, struggled to log on, managed to create 2 blogs, didn’t realise couldn’t use the word app from Apple Store with .org account blah blah blah…. anyway I’d decided to sort out so spent an hour web chatting to a lovely person at my hosting site and now I’m back ??

Anyway, FattyVonVon’s back and ready to blog blog blog ?

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