I’m at 40 something wife to Mr C, live in Manchester and mum of 2 kids (Finlay 13 and Grace 12).  I work full time in the public sector and just love life.  I’ve done the A-Z of diets, crash ones, long term ones and Von’s made up ones, my weight has yo-yo’d for years.  I’ve been thin(ish), fat, very fat, sick of being fat and just FAT…….  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I gave up smoking 40 cigarettes a day 17 years ago and have never had one but food that’s a different story.  Not that I eat lots of rubbish, I tend to eat good but just too much good food.  My journey started with meditation on a fabulous course by a lovely woman called Sally, this has tremendously helped my psoriasis.  I don’t do as much as I should but when I feel the need I take myself off and do what I need to.  I’ve started exercising, trying to eat well, lost 31 pound (no not money, much more than that)….  I know I should be much further along but it’s taken me years to get this fat, I’m aiming to get to my happy within 5 years.  The main objective of this blog was to help others, spur me on, keep me on track, give people an honest insight into living with psoriasis, trying to eat healthy, move my fat bum and enjoy life.  I hope you enjoy my honest and open reflection of my journey.  Lots of love FattyVonVon x

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